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Player Information

Name: Lauren
Personal Journal: [personal profile] latiaos
Age: 18
Contact Info: Journal PM is good, my plurk ([plurk.com profile] latiaos) is also public.
Other Characters Played: None

Character Information

Character Name: Link
Character Series: Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Character Age: 11
Character Gender: male
Original Canon
Canon Point: After defeating Ganondorf and returning to the surface.
Background Link: Link's Zelda wiki entry. Information pertaining to the "Adult" timeline applies to this Link. (about 3/4 down the page)
Link was in for a real culture shock when he left Outset Island for the first time. He grew up on a tiny island with only a small village, knowing nothing of what lay beyond the horizon of the open ocean. He was more than willing to take on the challenge, though. Link is adventurous by nature, curious sometimes to a fault. What's the big red button do? Maybe I should push it! He is always excited for new things, and that excitement has only been fostered in his adventures on the Great Sea. It's the Bilbo Baggins syndrome; now that he's left his quiet, quaint little home and seen the thrills of the world, he can't stand to be still. Link is a real go-getter; if he wants something done, he's never going to wait for someone else to do it for him. He'll do it himself. This is one of his biggest outlooks on life, and it has also been fostered by his travels and achievements.

Though he knows that his role in Hyrule and the Great Sea is hugely important, he does not fully grasp what it means. The kid is 11. Most 11 year olds are learning about fractions, not saving the free world. Link knows that he has an obligation, and that he carries the spirit of the Hero of Time, but he hasn't really thought about the significance of that in the grand scheme of things. He takes his duty very seriously, though blindly. He has occasional moments where he may seem like a "mini" adult, little bits of wisdom and experience he has picked up from his travels, but in many ways, he acts very much his age. Excitable and enthusiastic in everything he does, Link can be impulsive and often reckless, courageous to the point of foolish. He is stubborn and strong-willed, and can easily become fixated on something interesting and distracted from something boring.
In spite of his impulsiveness, Link is a very intelligent person. He has a knack for puzzles and problem solving, and is notably creative at using what he has to his advantage.

Link's courageousness and his passionate sense of loyalty make for a powerful combination. He is fiercely protective of his friends and loved ones, and would go to great extents for them. This is made obvious in the very first events of the game, when he makes the decision to chase down his kidnapped sister, who has been taken to a fortress crawling with monsters. This kid doesn't quit. He can have a bit of a revenge complex if his buttons are pushed just right, though it is not blinding. Link can be vicious when pushed, or when he feels the need to be. Many times, he has surprised himself with what he has been willing to do when he feels it necessary. Though he does have a very clearly cut view of "it's all right to kill the bad guys," when he actually does kill the bad guy, it comes as a bit of a shock to him. A "that was me?" sort of realization. He doesn't quite understand it yet, but the beginnings of a heavier consideration of what he would be willing to do in the name of what is right is there. He just hasn't been pushed to consider that the world isn't black and white yet.

From a person-to-person interaction basis, Link isn't much of a talker. He is an almost completely silent character in canon, save for a few phrases and a lot of panicked yelling. Obviously, this is tweaked a bit in an RP setting, and he becomes a kid who just doesn't talk much. He's much more for observing, listening, and interjecting only when necessary. Link makes up for his few words with a very expressive and enthusiastic attitude. He can be startlingly loud when the moment may or may not call for it, whether he's being poked from behind or attacked by a ferocious beast ten times his size. He has a great memory and is a good listener, and he can sit still and be quiet if he needs to. Link has good manners! Even if "please" and "thank you" are sometimes an afterthought, they are always sincere. It is also notable that Link is very rhythmically inclined, and has a great ear for music.

Abilities: Since he has the spirit of the Hero, he is the proper wielder of the Triforce of Courage, though it is not within him at this canon point. Some of the items he carries do have magical properties:
>The Wind Waker, a magic conductor's baton that conducts the wind into music. Different songs have different effects:
Δ Wind's Requiem: changes the direction of the wind
Δ Ballad of Gales: summons the tornadoes of the spirit Cyclos (would not work in Animus)
Δ Command Melody: pushes Link's will onto another. (while its use ingame is unlikely, I wouldn't use it without clear OOC permission and continued communication)
Δ Earth God's Lyric: awakens the Sage of Earth
Δ Wind God's Aria: awakens the Sage of Wind
Δ Song of Passing: changes night to day and vice versa. (would not work in Animus)
>The power of Ice and Fire that he can concentrate into arrows at will. Exhausting if used in excess.
>Boomerang that always comes back and can strike multiple targets
Sample Entry: dear_player post, a dance with Princess Time


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